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The cellar of “Nicolas Rey e Hijos” and its wine cabinet have created IMPRESIONES CUEVA, a 100% Verdejo wine, stopping the alcoholic fermentation naturally in an isobarometric deposit under pressure. It is not sparkling, not digging, not champagne. IMPRESIONES CUEVA was born, something unique and different.

It has a nice greenish-yellow colour, with a lot of fine and persistent bubbles of endogenous carbon dioxide. It is very intense in the nose and of very good quality, with sweet aromas of apple, pineapple, peach and tropical fruits. In the mouth it has an impressive, sharp and explosive sensation produced by the natural carbonic.

To the 4 flavours sweet, bitter, acid and secant, difficult to conjugate and easy to enjoy, now we add the soul of celebration of IMPRESIONES CUEVA.


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Our wines stand out for their personality, different and unmistakable, complex to catalog and easy to recognize. Their chromatic nuances, mineral and fruit aromas, fresh and full of life, clearly show the land where they are born.