Our Wines

Our Wines

Our wines stand out for their personality, different and unmistakable, complex to catalogue and simple to recognize. Their chromatic shades, mineral and fruitful aromas, fresh and full of life, clearly show the land where they are born.

In the winery, exhaustive traceability controls are maintained to provide control of the wine consignments.

After its preparation, with the best grapes from the 3 palomares vineyards, in the town of Valdevimbre, León, a process of ripening and aging begins to present our wines, after having rested in the bottle for several months, as bearers of an undeniable quality.

At the “Los Palomares” Winery, we keep al the analytics of each item during its development, thus allowing us to know the evolution of wine and showing a commitment to innovation at certain moments, due to the result of a business philosophy according to the wishes of our consumers