Our winery is located in the town of Valdevimbre, in the central-west region of the province of León. Halfway between the thousand-year-old city of Astorga (Astúrica Augusta) and the capital city of León. Valdevimbre is integrated into the region of “El Páramo” in León, with an average altitude of 800 metres above sea level, and Continental Mediterranean climate with cold winters and frequent frosts and hot, dry summers.


Quality and tradition

The cultivation of the vines, tradition and culture in Valdevimbre, was developed in “Los Palomares” from the tillage of the vineyard to the production of our wines. Looking after a family legacy, which has a direct impact on our wines as we have a sense of satisfaction for a job well done, we give each glass of wine the detail of family tradition, dedicated, since its beginning, to extract the essence of our land.

The 60 hectares of vineyards, 19 for the variety of “Verdejo” and 41 for the native variety of León “Prieto Picudo”, are currently our universe of wine, and the oenological heritage of “Los Palomares”. For them, we watch the maturing of each vintage, in concrete tanks, ensuring a perfect preservation and maximum expression of each variety, due to the continuous oxygenation that their porousness naturally allow. A well rewarded commitment to your palate. Cheers!

Un compromiso bien recompensado por sus paladares ¡Salud!