Profile sheet

D.O. AREA: Rosé wine under the label “Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León”.
TYPE OF WINE: Sweet rosé.
VARIETY: “Prieto Picudo”.
ANALITICAL REPORT: Alcoholic strength: 9,0 % vol.


Tasting comment

Visual phase: Poppy red colour, with a natural sparkle produced by its carbonic residual when stopping the fermentation.

Olfactory phase: The aroma is very intense and of very good quality, with sweet hints of red liquorice, strawberry jelly and red fruits in syrup, reminding us of all those goodies from childhood.

Gustatory phase: Sweet in mouth, acid, bitter and dry passage, difficult to conjugate and aromas of sweets that evoke our schooldays, easy to remember. A delight of sensations and emotions to enjoy.

Four flavours, sweet, acid, bitter and dry, difficult to conjugate and easy to enjoy.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: Between 6 and 8 º C.
PAIRINGS: Serve with canapés, appetizers, tapas and patés.


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