Our origin

The Winery was founded in 1964 by Mr. Nicolás Rey. Since the processing and distribution of the wine was stable in those years, Mr. Nicolás undertook the aim of improvement and development of his vineyards and winery, and after reaching high levels of optimum production, the baton was transferred to the new generation that today runs the winery, his 3 children.


The development of the winery

During the first years, “Los Palomares” had already been incorporated to the current Denomination of Origin “Tierra de León”, the winery undertook new investments that allowed technological changes and in its structure, which today give the winery the most advanced wine technology and high quality wines.

The result of its history is the combination of deep tradition in the production of Prieto Picudo rosé, together with innovation in the production of wines such as “Impresiones”. This allows “Los Palomares” to establish itself as one of the most important wineries of the Denomination of Origin “Tierra de León” under its strict controls of the elaboration processes, and that enhances year after year, the development of the most important aim of “Los Palomares”: to produce wines with high quality levels.